April 2021

Below is just a sample of the hard work done by union reps in Local 2366 this month; there are many things we cannot post due to privacy or security concerns. While there are plenty of good supervisors and managers in DRT, there is no shortage of nonsense from those among their ranks who don’t care about following policy or looking out for their subordinates.

Employees who submitted weather and safety leave memoranda in February started to finally receive a response. About half of the employees had their requests denied, primarily because they did not provide any or enough information about their efforts to make it to work. Employees who wished to resubmit it were provided additional guidance and submitted an updated memo.

An agent had previously submitted a request for LWOP, but it sat in a manager’s inbox for weeks. We found where the request was pending, and fast-tracked it.

It was discovered that a station was not allowing agents on a unit that has multiple shifts to participate in the shift bid process. A grievance was filed and the agency agreed to implement the shift bid process.

We were notified that the union won an arbitration, in which an employee was removed from his position. The arbitrator determined that not only was removal not appropriate but that the deciding official had made errors during the decision phase, warranting the employee’s reinstatement. The employee will be receiving a significant amount of back pay and will otherwise be made whole.

With the union’s help, an employee who had been proposed a lengthy suspension had it significantly reduced via a settlement with the agency.

A local rep began working on an EEO case for the agency’s failure to properly consider a reasonable accommodation request.

An employee’s request for medical retirement was denied by OPM, so the union began assisting the employee with the claim, which is ongoing.

A union rep worked with management in a station to make a shift swap happen that was being unnecessarily delayed.

A union rep reported a privacy leak in which the reasonable accommodation requests of numerous CBP employees was left unsecured on the CBP intranet.

CBP committed an error while calculating an employee’s career average overtime, and the union had to file a grievance to get it resolved. The grievance was settled and the employee will receive the appropriate back pay.

A station ordered an injured employee to return to work, even though one of his doctors had not yet cleared him to return to work. The agent was ordered to return to duty or face being considered AWOL, while Del Rio Sector waited for word from DOL. A grievance was filed and he was permitted to remain on LWOP. A union rep worked with the DOL claims examiner to ensure they had enough information — the claim was adjudicated in the agent’s favor, he has recovered from his injuries, and returned to work.

The union was notified of a change in work conditions for a small work unit. The union and agency negotiated a few items regarding the change.

An issue was resolved in which a station failed to properly forward an agent’s memorandum for a detail solicitation.

Local reps participated in three congressional delegations in RGV Sector involving over 40 representatives and senators.

An agent was ordered to go home and made to use his own sick leave to do so, even though he didn’t request sick leave and was not medically ill. A grievance was filed and the process is ongoing.

A Step II grievance was filed regarding a station’s unreasonable denial of a shift swap between two agents.

Union reps attended several investigative interviews with OPR and management inquiry.

Multiple requests for information were filed, dozens of agents were helped with their assorted memoranda, and several agents were assisted with their disciplinary or adverse actions.