Blotter for Pay Period 21, 2014

Below is a summary of issues that affected the bargaining-unit during Pay Period 21, 10/19/2014 – 11/01/2014.

This does not include all issues that took place or are currently pending, but is a summary of issues collected at the time of publishing.


  • Management advised agents that using two excludable activities (training + annual leave) did not equal one excludable day. They were advised of the mistake and it was corrected.
  • After a recent accident, it has been recommended that ATV training be paused at BRA until the training program can be evaluated.


  • The union assisted an employee with a disciplinary action case.


  • The union assisted an employee with a disciplinary action case.
  • The union assisted an employee with an adverse action case.


  • The union assisted employee with an OWCP issue.


  • A union-initiated grievance was filed over the agency’s failure to completely respond to a request for information.
  • A settlement notice was signed regarding the agency’s failure to bargain with the union over changes to conditions of employment regarding the use of GOVs to drive to detail locations.
  • The Del Rio Sector Voluntary Swap Program registration period began.
  • Arbitration was scheduled for December over the kenneling of K-9s in DRT.
  • The annual Health and Safety inspections began this week sector-wide.


  • Assisted employee with unsuitability determination.


  • An unfair labor practice charge was filed against a supervisor. Management reacted quickly and addressed the problem with the supervisor and agent.


  • No information available.


  • No information available.