Blotter for Pay Period 22, 2014

Below is a summary of issues that affected the bargaining-unit during Pay Period 21, 10/19/2014 – 11/01/2014.

This does not include all issues that took place or are currently pending, but is a summary of issues collected at the time of publishing.


  • No information available.


  • The union assisted with a disciplinary action case.
  • A grievance was filed concerning an agent and it was sustained.


  • The union assisted an employee with an adverse action case.


  • No information available.


  • A grievance was filed regarding a change in working conditions.
  • An AFGE meeting for all union locals in AFGE District 10 was attended.
  • A request for information was filed with Sector.
  • Pursuant to a complaint filed by the union, Sector staff presented a proposal for new rules governing the handling of medical documents.
  • The Del Rio Sector Voluntary Swap Program registration period continued.


  • No information available.


  • Arbitration was filed over an adverse action case involving an EGT employee.


  • No information available.


  • The union assisted an employee with an investigatory interview.