Call your senator now!

IMPORTANT: This information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time, or sent to others using government equipment, because it suggests action to be taken in support of and/or against legislation. Do not list your government email or government address in filling out this message, and do not use a government provided phone for this action.

The National Border Patrol Council strongly supports Senator Jon Tester’s amendment on Border Patrol pay reform, SA 1666, and urges that it be included in the “managers’ package” as the Senate finishes debating the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, S. 744. The amendment, which has been agreed to by DHS and CBP, will make needed improvements to Border Patrol agents’ overtime and pay system. But we won’t get the Tester Amendment passed without your calls to the following Senators:

  • John Cornyn of Texas
  • John Hoeven of North Dakota
  • John McCain of Arizona
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Jeff Flake of Arizona
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Please call your Senator at: 202- 224-3121. Ask the operator to connect you with your Senator’s office. It’s urgent that you call now and if necessary, leave a message because your Senator will get it. You can use the following script either to talk to the Senator’s staff or to leave your message:

“Hello, my name is _______________. I am a Border Patrol agent at _________________, _______. I’m calling to ask Senator ________________ to include the Tester amendment, SA 1666, in the managers’ package of the immigration bill. Tester’s amendment would modernize border patrol agent pay, greatly improve border security, and save the federal government money. Will my Senator support SA 1666, the Tester amendment?” (Wait for answer; record and report back.)……Close your call by saying: “Thank you very much”.