Congressional inquiry into VF Solutions as Border Patrol’s uniform vendor

In April, Congressman Stevan Pearce from New Mexico sent a letter to CBP asking for answers from them regarding VF Solutions being given yet another uniform contract. In his letter, he cited the uniform survey that started earlier this year with Local 2366 and then went on to ask questions about body cameras.

Below you will find Congressman Pearce’s letter to CBP (PDF) along with CBP’s response to his inquiry (PDF). Not surprisingly, CBP didn’t address many of the congressman’s concerns, and instead said that the “decision to award to VF Solutions was based on the technical merits of the proposal, cost, and past performance” and that, “overall, based on adequate competition, the prices were determined to be fair and reasonable in accordance with the [Federal Acquisition Regulations] FAR.”

CBP said that Border Patrol agents were involved in the procurement of the contract, but they ignored the survey results cited in the congressman’s letter.

NBPC greatly appreciates Congressman Pearce taking the time to look into this issue and we will continue to address VF Solutions’ various shortcomings.

Congressman Pearce’s letter to CBP (PDF)
CBP’s response to Congressman Pearce (PDF)