Del Rio POE disaster

We have all seen pictures and video of the people under the bridge, which as of this morning was around 14,000. We’re still trying to figure out how everyone in CBP and USBP was caught so off guard and unprepared, but in the meantime, USBP is scrambling to bring agents, equipment, and resources to Del Rio Sector.

If you get assigned to the bridge, make sure you plan to be outside the whole shift. Sector is starting to build temporary structures and setting up tents, but it will still likely be days before that is operational.

We asked Sector to install handwashing stations for the agents, which should arrive today, because hand sanitizer will only do so much. The environment is still relatively austere and unsanitary, so wear your masks and do what you can to stay clear of the crowd. At this point, COVID-19 is only one of the communicable diseases we expect to pop up.