Del Rio Sector In-Sector Job Swap Program

Local 2366 signed a memorandum of understanding with Chief Owens regarding an in-sector job swap program.

In short, it allows Del Rio Sector employees to swap work locations within Del Rio Sector with employees of the same job series. Those of you who were around in 2014 might remember that Local 2366 and Del Rio Sector entered into a pilot to run an in-sector swap program, the first of its kind in the Patrol, which eventually led to the national swap program.

It will be a little while before an announcement opens as we sort out some of the logistics and work on a page on the CBP intranet for employees to fill out, though we anticipate the first round opening in July/August 2023.

You can access a copy of the MOU on Local 2366’s mobile app (go to the Agreements and Policy Section) or download a PDF copy here.