Details to the soft-sided facilities

Update 5/17/2022: The details have been postponed until staffing issues are resolved.

DHS has decided Del Rio Sector needs a second soft-sided facility to address what they expect will be an increase in entries in our sector in the coming weeks, which many of us have seen under construction north of Eagle Pass. DHS has decided that instead of changing policies to deter crossings or redirect flow to the ports of entry, they are going to increase the detention capacity of the U.S. Border Patrol.

As a result, Del Rio Sector has to figure out how to staff it with local employees and likely some DHS volunteers, contractors, and other DHS employees. A solicitation was published this month, looking for agents who wanted to volunteer to work at the soft-sided facilities for six months, and most agents are concerned about the early start time and whether PFP will be allowed.

Local 2366 met with Chief Owens and the sector’s command staff to discuss these details, among other items. Yes, PFP will be allowed and encouraged, but as always, it will depend on operations. Chief Owens and the union will be working to make sure supervisors and managers in both locations (and everywhere else around Del Rio Sector) understand the importance of allowing employees to work out as frequently as possible.

Regarding the shift start times, we’re working with Sector staff to find the best way to do this so the work can get done while allowing agents to still have normal schedules.

More details to come.