Double-check your registration info for the nationwide swaps

NBPC has been periodically reviewing the data submitted by employees for the nationwide swap program and has found some common errors. Since NBPC will not be able to modify or correct anything after the registration period closes, employees will need to verify that they have correctly filled out the form before the registration period closes.

  • Make sure your name is entered correctly. Some people have entered their last name in the first name field and their first name in the last name field. Also make sure that the name you use matches how Outlook lists your name — don’t put nicknames or your middle name in the first name field.
  • Double-check your EOD date. Some people have entered incorrect dates, including dates far in the future. If you have multiple USBP EOD dates or other breaks in service, contact Sector HR ASAP to get your adjusted EOD date.
  • Some people have either entered an invalid station selection (like choosing a Sector name instead of a station name) and others have not chosen any stations at all.
  • Make sure that you use your own login credentials to register — don’t register for someone else. If you already have, that person will need to log in to their own account and register on his/her own.

Log back into the registration page soon to verify your submission.