DRS management blames agent for their inadequate security layout

On July 6, 2021, two immigrants illegally present in the United States managed to escape from an enclosed detention area within the Del Rio Station. After they exploited a blind spot to leave an enclosed area, they scaled the perimeter fence and ran off into the neighborhood. Thankfully, after a search of the surrounding area, both subjects were located, re-arrested, and are facing escape charges.

Since then, the station has been investigating what took place. The union has received information that Del Rio Station management has reportedly decided to throw an agent under the bus for the escape, instead of accepting responsibility for and fixing design flaws in the station’s detention area; we will not go into details for OPSEC reasons. Agents assigned to guard this portion of the station are not only assigned to watch 100 or so immigrants alone but also have to perform other tasks, like deal with detainees’ personal property.

The union has evidence that the blind spot used by the immigrants to escape was brought to management’s attention in the past, but they did nothing about it. Knowing that the blind spot existed, the station also failed to notify all agents on guard duty of the blind spot so they could pay extra attention to that area – they also continued to assign additional duties to agents guarding this area. If Del Rio Sector chooses to propose discipline for any agents in this matter, the National Border Patrol Council will vigorously defend them to ensure a spotlight is put on those responsible.