Eagle Pass North supervisor ignores memos from Chief Scott

Update: this issue has been resolved. Although DRT sent the new guidance to Eagle Pass North two days before this grievance (which was still over two weeks after DC sent it to the sector), the station failed to notify its supervisors and agents. Agents are now allowed to wear the PPS and HPC.

As previously announced by Local 2366, Chief Scott authorized agents to wear the hard plate carrier (HPC) over just the performance patrol shirt (PPS) if they want to. The purpose of the change was to encourage more agents to wear body armor, particularly in the hot summer months, something we thank the agency for implementing. Since that memo was released, Chief Scott also approved an updated Uniform and Grooming Standards policy, which also allows for the HPC to be worn over the PPS.

However, despite these memos being released last month, a supervisor on the midnight shift at Eagle Pass North Station has refused to obey Chief Scott’s orders, claiming that he will not do anything that is not ordered by Del Rio Sector. The supervisor even went as far as to send agents home so they could change their uniform shirt as if they were children who violated their school’s dress code.

It is examples like this, among others, that show why some agents are demoralized about their job. Rather than seek guidance from the management point of contact in Chief Scott’s memorandum, this supervisor treated his agents like children – agents who were doing nothing more than following the rules set out by the Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol.

The union has already filed a grievance against the supervisor who believes he can ignore Chief Scott and we are addressing the matter with the agency. We hope that the issue can be resolved quickly so that agents can work in a safer environment in Eagle Pass, as intended by the agency’s senior leadership.