Eagle Pass Police Association asking for support of Proposition One

The Eagle Pass Police Association (EPPA) has asked for Local 2366’s assistance in spreading the word to Eagle Pass residents regarding the upcoming special election on May 9, 2015.

Proposition One of the special election deals with whether firefighters and police officers in Eagle Pass will be covered by civil service rules under Section 143.004 of the Texas Local Government Code. At the moment, firefighters and police officers in Eagle Pass are considered at-will employees and can be terminated for any reason. With civil service status, employees may only be terminated for just cause and they will have the ability to hire and promote only the most qualified applicants, among other benefits — things that they are currently lacking.

A petition was presented to the Eagle Pass City Council at a meeting in February, allowing the proposition to be on the ballot in May. The EPPA is asking that Eagle Pass residents vote in favor of Proposition One on May 9, 2015. Early voting will take place April 27 – May 5, 2015.

Support Eagle Pass firefighters and police officers and vote for Proposition One!

To learn more about the process, visit the Eagle Pass Business Journal and the election announcement on the Eagle Pass website.

Click here to visit EPPA’s Facebook page.