February 2021

Below is just a sample of the hard work done by union reps in Local 2366 this month; there are many things we cannot post due to privacy or security concerns. While there are plenty of good supervisors and managers in DRT, there is no shortage of nonsense from those among their ranks who don’t care about following policy or looking out for their subordinates.

Several Del Rio Sector stations were improperly applying COP for employees who tested positive for COVID-19 and filed a CA-1. CBP was contacted and the issue was resolved.

It was learned that some Del Rio Sector supervisors, after an employee was quarantined due to a COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis, were contacting county or other health officials to have the employee released from quarantine early. The matter was addressed and resolved.

Local 2366 worked with United Medical Centers in Del Rio to allow for agents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. At the moment, BPAs are not being afforded the same opportunity to get the vaccine as other first responders.

An employee’s adverse action case was significantly mitigated as part of a settlement between the union and agency.

Union reps attended a continuing education class about responding to disciplinary action proposals.

The union published a member advisory and list of frequently asked questions regarding being exposed to or testing positive for COVID-19.

Numerous employees in Del Rio Sector had trouble with the DHS vaccine portal, because it was improperly saying they lived too far away from a VA hospital location. The union contacted DC and had the issue resolved, however, many agents had managed to find the vaccine on their own from the county or other local providers.

A memorandum from DC indicated that employees who had symptoms after receiving the vaccine could take sick leave. However, OPM and DHS has previously said administrative leave was allowed. The agency issued corrected guidance.

As the massive winter storm approached in mid-February, Del Rio Sector had provided zero guidance to the field about what to do if employees could not physically make it to work. Del Rio Sector sent out a text message via ENS that simply provided a weather update to employees and referred them to their supervisors. Local 2366 sent an email to members about the upcoming weather and then another about the weather and safety leave process.

The union notified employees that there are some impending improvements to the PFP. Negotiations are ongoing.

A local union rep attended a test session of a new firearms qualification course of fire being proposed by the agency.

Classes 1166, 1167, and 1168 entered on duty, and union reps met with them to discuss the job, the academy, and what the union can help them with.

A station failed to properly assist an employee who had contracted COVID-19 on duty with some of the OWCP paperwork. The union learned of this and addressed it with the agency — the employee then received the information needed to continue with the claim.

A local union rep assisted an employee with a “letter of inquiry” from OPR regarding the employee’s previous adverse action case.

An NBPC attorney assisted with an employee’s proposed removal. The employee kept his job, and the case was mitigated to a more appropriate suspension.

Local reps spoke with members of Congressman Tony Gonzales’ staff regarding pending legislation affecting Border Patrol agents.

Union reps attended several investigative interviews with OPR and management inquiry.

Multiple requests for information were filed, dozens of agents were helped with their assorted memoranda, and several agents were assisted with their disciplinary or adverse actions.