June 2021

Below is just a sample of the hard work done by union reps in Local 2366 this month; there are many things we cannot post due to privacy or security concerns. While there are plenty of good supervisors and managers in DRT, there is no shortage of nonsense from those among their ranks who don’t care about following policy or looking out for their subordinates.

Union reps helped multiple employees with denied COVID-19 claims, resulting in the claims being approved.

The local announced the Puerto Rico detail lawsuit and assisted some DRT employees to determine if they qualify.

The union announced the completion of the policy allowing agents to wear the hard plate carrier over just the performance patrol shirt.

The union announced the completion of the new Physical Fitness Program Internal Operating Procedure for USBP employees.

On June 18, 2021, the union arranged for almost 700 meals to be provided to on-duty agents by the non-profit organization Latinos for America First.

Several union reps attended three days of OWCP training to better enable them to help injured members with their claims.

An employee was improperly denied the use of annual leave, and a union rep was able to resolve the issue.

The agency denied a Step II grievance in which an employee was improperly forced to use sick leave, so the union continued with a Step III grievance.

Union reps met with trainees in Classes 1173, 1174, and 1175 to discuss the job, the academy, and what the union can do to help them.

In response to the agency’s new efforts to reduce the amount of PII sent outside the network, a union rep assisted an employee who is alleged to have inappropriately sent information outside the network.

Numerous issues regarding mandatory overtime, including Sunday pay, holiday pay, and volunteers were addressed with management.

Union reps provided interviews to Fox News and CBS.

Local 2366 awarded the 2021 fall semester $1,000 scholarship to a member’s child.

Resolved an issue regarding an improper request for a doctor’s note and inappropriate AWOL allegation

A union rep continues to work with an employee regarding the agency’s calculation of his career overtime average for his control period.

An employee’s arbitration hearing was scheduled regarding a suspension.

The union is investigating whether an employee had a debt improperly collected by the agency.

Union reps attended several investigative interviews with OPR and management inquiry.

Multiple requests for information were filed, dozens of agents were helped with their assorted memoranda, and several agents were assisted with their disciplinary or adverse actions.