Management meeting today

The Union has discovered that a meeting between Del Rio Sector management and all Patrol Agents in Charge in Del Rio Sector will take place today at 2:30 pm. While we have not been able to confirm the nature of the conversation, we feel that in light of the recent news that it would be safe to assume that sequestration and its effect on the agency and its employees will be discussed. We will keep you updated as news develops.

edit #1
The leadership of Local 2366 has reached out to Sector management in an effort to meet with Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch this Friday to discuss the impacts of the proposed Sequestration cuts on Del Rio Sector employees.  We look forward to their reply and plan to disseminate all relevant information to the bargaining unit employees as we receive it.  Please keep checking this site for updates.

edit #2
After following up with members of management involved in the 2:30 pm conference call yesterday with the Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent, it was discovered that sequestration was indeed addressed in the call. Unfortunately, it appears that no new information was released to the PAICs. Local 2366 has scheduled a meeting with Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch this Monday, February 25, at 3:00 pm. Any new information we receive regarding cuts to operations and employee pay will be posted here for the employees’ benefit.