March 2021

Below is just a sample of the hard work done by union reps in Local 2366 this month; there are many things we cannot post due to privacy or security concerns. While there are plenty of good supervisors and managers in DRT, there is no shortage of nonsense from those among their ranks who don’t care about following policy or looking out for their subordinates.

Union reps toured the new soft-side facility in Eagle Pass to look for any potential issues when it opened up. Lessons learned from the facility in Donna, Texas, were applied and resolved several issues.

Class 1169 entered on duty, and union reps met with them to discuss the job, the academy, and what the union can help them with.

Union reps attended a meeting with Governor Abbott to discuss ongoing issues at the border.

An employee was helped with requesting advanced leave due to a medical condition.

An agent was helped with a critical incident and PORAC was contacted.

Union reps attended union-sponsored training regarding request for information, which are used on a regular basis to obtain information from the agency as part of disciplinary/adverse actions, grievances, and bargaining, among other things.

Some stations were refusing to provide administrative leave to employees who experienced symptoms after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The union contacted USBP in DC and fixed the issue.

Two employees who were quarantined due to COVID-19 were improperly ordered by a supervisor to return to work too early. The matter was fixed directly with the PAIC.

A detail solicitation was not forwarded to agents in one station, so a local rep contacted sector to have the solicitation properly forwarded and the deadline extended so the employees had time to apply.

An employee was assisted with a non-per diem detail request due to a medical condition — the request was ultimately approved.

A Step I grievance was filed regarding a station’s unreasonable denial of a shift swap between two agents.

A station’s use of TSM was investigated because it appeared that hundreds of illegal aliens were improperly not being counted as “gotaways.” This is supposedly due to 2012 guidance issued by Chief Fisher, and the matter is ongoing.

Union reps attended several investigative interviews with OPR and management inquiry.

Multiple requests for information were filed, dozens of agents were helped with their assorted memoranda, and several agents were assisted with their disciplinary or adverse actions.