May 2021

Below is just a sample of the hard work done by union reps in Local 2366 this month; there are many things we cannot post due to privacy or security concerns. While there are plenty of good supervisors and managers in DRT, there is no shortage of nonsense from those among their ranks who don’t care about following policy or looking out for their subordinates.

An employee was improperly counseled for an alleged policy violation — the manager cited a policy from a different agency as his basis for the counseling. Obviously, another agency’s policy does not apply to the Border Patrol, so we addressed the matter and had the counseling rescinded.

The agency denied a Step I grievance in which an employee was improperly forced to use sick leave, so the union continued with a Step II grievance.

A local union rep continued to help an employee with his medical retirement claim.

Local reps met with Congressman Tony Gonzales and his staff to discuss issues affecting Border Patrol employees in Del Rio Sector.

Two new Border Patrol Processing Coordinators (BPPC) entered on duty with DRT and local reps met with them during their orientation.

Local 2366 made a donation for the take your kids to work event and the Police Week Memorial in Del Rio.

A Step II grievance was filed regarding an agent who was ordered to go home and made to use his own sick leave to do so, even though he didn’t request sick leave and was not incapacitated.

Union reps attended union-sponsored training regarding mixed cases and how to selected between an EEO complaint and a grievance.

A complaint was filed with the State of Texas regarding a municipal request for information about a member.

Classes 1171 and 1172 entered on duty, and union reps met with them to discuss the job, the academy, and what the union can help them with.

A union rep reported a privacy leak found on the intranet, in which numerous employees’ retirement packets were left unsecured.

An agent submitted a request related to the Operational Mobility Program to Border Patrol Headquarters via a memo, but DRT intercepted the request. The union addressed the issue directly with HQ and got it resolved.

A grievance was resolved regarding an employee’s shift swap request.

The local continues to help the family of a deceased agent who needs help dealing with OPM and DOL regarding the member’s benefits after his on-duty death.

Union reps attended several investigative interviews with OPR and management inquiry.

Multiple requests for information were filed, dozens of agents were helped with their assorted memoranda, and several agents were assisted with their disciplinary or adverse actions.