MOU signed regarding USBP’s new course of fire

The union and the agency have signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the use of the new 50-round course of fire. Here are the basics of the agreement:

  • Employees will be provided with 150 rounds of proficiency ammunition each quarter. Proficiency ammunition is provided at the end of your quarterly qualification and is intended for you to use as you see fit for training purposes. If you are not provided with all 150 rounds, ask your firearms instructor.
  • If someone is struggling with the new course of fire, they can schedule some on-duty time to work with a firearms instructor to improve their shooting skills and techniques. This time can be at any point during someone’s shift — not just during a qualification — and must be scheduled with the approval of a supervisor. If operations can support you being away for an hour or two, then this is a good way to improve your shooting skills with the new course of fire.
  • Separately, even if someone is not struggling with the new course of fire, an employee may schedule time with a firearms instructor to maintain or improve their skill level with firearms, subject to supervisory approval.
  • Seized Property Specialists (SPS) will transition over to the 30-round course of fire as long as they have first run through it as an advanced firearms training exercise (AFTE). The 30-round course of fire is what BP Processing Coordinators use, and will be new for SPS personnel.
  • Finally, if you need cleaning supplies for your duty weapon, ask your duty station and you will be provided with them upon request.

USBP HQ is going to message this new MOU to the field shortly, so it might take a little bit of time to implement. In the meantime, Del Rio Sector has been notified of the new agreement.

Contact your local union rep if you have any problems.