Nationwide Swap Program update

Update, 10/21/2015, 1245 hours
Emails for DRT employees will be sent today. Since there are a lot of people to email, give it until tomorrow just to be sure.

We received word overnight that NBPC will be sending emails in the next couple of days to those agents who have been tentatively selected for a swap in the nationwide swap program. These emails will be similar to the ones that were sent to employees in DRT for the local swap program and will simply ask the agents if they are still interested in a swap from their current station to some other station.

The agents will have seven days to respond to the email, saying that they accept or decline. Keep in mind, this email will not be a formal offer, as things could change down the road. For example, the person you may be matched with could decline, he/she could suddenly find him/herself under a major investigation, he/she could quit the Patrol, etc…

If you will be on annual leave or otherwise away from your work email, you will still be responsible for responding within the seven days. If you will be away, keep an eye on the FB group,, and Twitter (@NBPC2366DelRio) for an announcement that emails are going out. When we make that announcement, we’ll give an option for you to email us to check the list of DRT employees who have been tentatively selected if you will be away from work.