NBPC assistance with OWCP cases

Navigating through even the most basic of OWCP cases can be difficult, so NBPC Local 2366 is available to employees who have been injured on the job and would like help processing their case.

If you are having trouble with your OWCP case, contact a union steward and you will be referred to someone who has undergone advanced OWCP training. NBPC also has a contract with an outside company in the event that your particular case gets more convoluted or difficult than the typical run-of-the-mill case.

NBPC has produced the following two documents to help with your case:

NBPC’s table of OWCP forms (PDF)
The first document is a table containing a list of the various OWCP forms you may need, the purpose for the form, and any timelines the employee and agency are required to meet.

NBPC’s FECA flowcharts (PDF)
The second document contains four flowcharts to help guide you through some of the critical aspects of filing an OWCP claim. There are clickable links within the flowcharts that point you toward the CFR or other websites with more information.

All OWCP forms are available here. However, a document that is not on that list is Publication CA-810, the handbook that agencies use when handling OWCP claims. Many questions/answers can be found within.