NBPC press release on rock assaults

Rock Assaults are Deadly Force, says Border Patrol Union

El Paso, TX – June 9, 2010 – Since biblical times, rocks have been used as a crude but effective weapon to injure and kill humans. On June 8, 2010, when Border Patrol Agents were assaulted at the U.S./Mexico border by several individuals armed with rocks, they were forced to defend themselves and their fellow agents.

Border Patrol Agents are not trained, nor paid to withstand violent assaults without the ability to defend themselves. Rocks are weapons and constitute deadly force. If an agent is confronted with deadly force they will respond in kind. No agent wants to have to shoot another human being, but when an agent is assaulted and fears for his life then his hand is forced.

The government of Mexico has done their usual grandstanding where they hurled baseless accusations at the Border Patrol agents, made claims of racism, and portrayed the deceased criminal as an innocent boy who had never done a thing wrong in his life. None of these statements have any merit. Mexico bears quite a bit of responsibility whenever one of its citizens dies along the border due to its allowing criminal organizations free-reign and its refusal to police its northern border.

While the loss of this teenager’s life is regrettable, it is due solely to his decision to pick up a rock and assault a United States Border Patrol Agent. We stand behind the actions of the agents who did their duty in El Paso, and are confident that the investigation into his incident will justify their actions.

Original release: http://www.nbpc.net/images/PressReleases/09jun2010elpasoshootpr.pdf