Notice of meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center, 300 E. Main Street Uvalde, TX 78801


  • FLSA lawsuit update
  • New paid parental leave
  • Coronavirus updates
  • Continued OWCP concerns
  • Updates to MPP injunction
  • New BP Processing Coordinator position
  • AFGE District 10 Caucus

Notice of AFGE District 10 Caucus

At this regularly scheduled meeting on the date/time and at the address above, members will be asked to determine if Local 2366 will participate in the District Caucus in May 2020 and, if so, the number of additional delegates, if any, they want to represent Local 2366, if the delegates will carry all votes, and if travel expenses will be authorized.

Local 2366’s six elected Executive Board Officers have already been designated as delegates by virtue of office. Members will be asked to determine if the selected delegates will carry all of Local 2366’s votes, which, if approved, would preclude the need for alternate delegates. However, if members do not approve this proposal and instead authorize additional delegate(s), then nominations for additional and alternate delegates will be accepted, and a mail ballot election will be held to elect additional and alternate delegates as governed by the AFGE Rules of Conduct for an Election, Appendix A, of the AFGE National Constitution. For those who cannot attend the meeting, nominations can be submitted via

Retirement seminars in March

Local 2366 and Benefit Architects will hold retirement seminars in Del Rio and Eagle Pass for all Del Rio Sector employees and their spouses/significant others. The seminars are designed to benefit employees who are still early in their careers and those who are already eligible to retire.

Four identical classes will be held over two days - choose one that works for your schedule.

March 9, 2020
9am to 1pm / 5pm to 9pm
Local 2366 Union Office
801 Kings Way
Del Rio, Texas 78840

March 10, 2020
9am to 1pm / 5pm to 9pm
Eagle Pass South Station
4156 El Indio Hwy
Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Attendees must attend in an off-duty capacity.

The following topics will be covered, among others:

-Retirement Eligibility
-FERS Pension Calculation
-Survivor Benefits
-Social Security Supplement
-Thrift Savings Plan
-Health Insurance after you retire

In order to attend this seminar, you must reserve your seat because space is limited. Please email Buddy Murk to reserve your seat:

Email: buddymurk AT gmail DOT com

New details about Paid Parental Leave

The union has received many questions from members about when the new Paid Parental Leave goes into effect, so here's what we have learned since the bill was signed into law.

The law states that the new leave shall not apply to any births or adoption placement occurring before October 1, 2020. So that means if you are having a baby this summer, you will not be able to take advantage of the paid leave. If you are planning on expanding your family, you may want to adjust your plans so that the new child joins the family on or after October 1, 2020.

The new leave modifies the existing FMLA statute, which means employees will have to submit the same sort of paperwork they have previously submitted to take advantage of the new entitlement.

Employees must be employed for one year before being able to take advantage of the leave and you must agree to remain employed for no fewer than 12 weeks from the date of the end of the paid parental leave.

OPM has been directed to generate new regulations governing how paid parental leave will function, which will get into the finer details. As more information becomes available, we will send it out.

VF is increasing the price on several uniform items

About one month ago, CBP sent an email to all employees notifying them that the VF Solutions website would be opening soon. If you skimmed through that email too quickly, you might have missed the paragraph buried at the bottom which stated:

"The current contract has a five-year fixed price for uniform items. This period will expire on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Beginning on Thursday, January 16, 2020, employees will see a price increase on some uniform items. The complete list of impacted items can be found HERE. This list includes both current and new prices, effective Thursday, January 16, 2020."

The prices on over 30 items will increase, with the highest increases affecting boots. For example, the 8" Danner Acadia uninsulated boots will increase by $68.45 (27.5% increase), the regular RDU zipper uniform shirt will increase by $8.46 (15.8% increase), RDU pants will increase by $7.62 (11.5% increase), and the green undershirt will increase by $4.45 (20% increase).

If you are planning on purchasing any of these items, make sure you do so by the end of the day on this coming Wednesday, January 15, 2020. The new prices go into effect on January 16, 2020.

Our uniform allowance is set by regulation, and we are not aware of any plans to increase it. However, if OPM opts to increase the maximum uniform allowance, Border Patrol agents will automatically get the increased amount, as required by the CBA.

Update to Del Rio Sector's Physical Fitness Program

Local 2366 and Chief Ortiz recently reached an agreement regarding a pending arbitration over prior-Chief Karisch’s original implementation of the Physical Fitness Program in Del Rio Sector. The union filed a grievance when the program was implemented because Chief Karisch modified the national directive by not allowing employees to work out in off-site facilities and restricting agents to only working out in 60- or 90-minute increments.

The new agreement reached with Chief Ortiz has fixed these issues, as employees will now be permitted to work out in off-site facilities that are within five miles of their respective duty locations and they will be permitted to work out for 30 to 90 minutes at a time (there are certain rules for off-site workouts, so review the SOP when it is released). Of course, employees will still need to get permission to work out and the decision to allow a workout to take place remains "contingent upon operational demands" because ultimately, the mission comes first.

We are told Del Rio Sector will be formally announcing the updated SOP any day now, so keep an eye on your work email for more details. Local 2366 thanks Chief Ortiz and DRT management for being willing to take a second look at the program and take a commonsense approach to work with the union to fix the problem. Since this will be new for everyone, we ask that people try to be flexible -- if you have problems, talk to a union steward -- and encourage employees to take advantage of the program when possible to work toward and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Second retention incentive payment

Earlier this month, the agency indicated that the second quarter retention incentive payment would start being deposited in employee bank accounts on December 28, 2019. They requested that if you have not received your payment by January 21, 2020, contact Del Rio Sector’s Finance office.

Additional info for December meeting

NOTICE OF MEETING – December 12, 2019


Local 2366 will hold a regularly scheduled membership meeting at 7:00 pm on December 12, 2019, at the Ramada Inn (Sunflower Room) located at 2101 Veterans Blvd in Del Rio, Texas. During this meeting, members will be asked to determine the number of additional delegates, if any, they want to represent Local 2366. Local 2366’s six elected Executive Board Officers have already been designated as delegates by virtue of office. If members authorize additional delegates...


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