2017 executive board election notice

Click here to view the election notice for the 2017 executive board election in Local 2366.

Corrected Op Mobility announcement has gone live

The new announcement has been posted here:


If you applied under the previous announcement, you will need to reapply under this announcement to be considered for a transfer.

Operational Mobility update

We received the below message from the agency. We'll provide more information when we receive it.

The CBP Hiring Center informed us there is a nationwide issue with USA Staffing and subsequently USAJOBs. OPM is actively working to correct the issue. Once resolved, the Operational Mobility announcement will be posted.

2018 Senate Budget Resolution

Legislation does not include any cuts to federal employee benefits

Last night, close to 500 amendments were offered before the Senate to their proposed budget resolution. Senator Rand Paul's proposals to cut federal employee benefits were defeated, the most severe of which lost by a vote of 94-4.

Representatives from both the House and the Senate must now meet to negotiate a unified version which would then go back for a vote before each body. Thankfully, it is clear that the Senate wants no part in cutting our pay and benefits.

As always, NBPC is closely monitoring all developments in Congress and continues to aggressively advocate for Border Patrol employees on Capitol Hill. We will provide additional updates as the situation in Washington, DC progresses.

House Budget Resolution FY 2018

Earlier today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, (H.Con.Res.71), by a vote of 219-206. Contained within the House Budget Resolution are policy proposals and spending cuts that, if left unchanged, could negatively impact retirement benefits and contribution amounts for current and/or future Border Patrol Agents.

Also today, the Senate Budget Committee passed its own version of a Budget Resolution for FY 2018. The Senate Budget Resolution does NOT contain policy or spending proposals that would negatively affect BPA retirement benefits or contribution amounts.

Today’s vote was expected by the NBPC, as it marks only one of the first steps in a very long and complex legislative process. The current budget resolution process is far from over and the NBPC will be working with lawmakers to reject the House Budget retirement cuts and instead adopt the Senate version as Congress works to put together a final, joint budget resolution. We expect these actions and votes to come in the near future.

Even IF the House and Senate both pass a joint budget resolution that contains retirement cuts, this will only trigger a different and new process known as "budget reconciliation." The budget reconciliation process contains numerous procedural steps and hurdles in Congress, and ultimately it will require President Trump’s signature for passage.

As always, the NBPC is closely monitoring all developments in Congress and we continue to aggressively advocate for BPAs on Capitol Hill. We will provide additional updates as the matter progresses.

2017 Executive Board Election Update

August 30, 2017

Dear Members of Local 2366,

As you may know, the 2017 election for Local 2366’s executive board began earlier this month, set to end on September 14, 2017.

A member raised a concern regarding the manner in which members were required to submit their ballots. Because our members live across a large area of Del Rio Sector and beyond, it can be difficult for members to vote; we do not have mailing addresses for many members and some are unable to visit a single polling station far from their home or station. To address these difficulties, the election committee allowed members to vote electronically, via mailed ballot, or via ballots distributed in mail drawers at stations. However, in order to ensure people did not vote twice, we required voters to include their names on the ballots. In our attempt to permit the greatest number of people to vote, we overlooked a rule within AFGE’s constitution which requires us to use secret ballots.

After consultation with AFGE, the election committee and AFGE have decided it is best to cancel the current election and run a new election, set to run in the near future on a date that is yet to be determined. Therefore, members are hereby notified that the current election is canceled. All ballots received – and those received by the election committee in the coming days – will remain unopened and will be secured and turned over to AFGE.

Since federal union elections can be rather complicated, AFGE will supervise the new election to ensure that all candidates’ concerns are addressed and to make sure we run an election which is above reproach.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will post information about the new election as soon as the election committee sorts out the details with AFGE.


Local 2366 Election Committee

Help support a fellow agent

Click on the image below to learn more information about how you can participate in a bike ride in the Hill Country on October 21, 2017. Proceeds will go towards the medical bills for an agent's daughter who recently experienced a tragic accident.


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