Nominations open on July 11 for 2017 executive board election

Nominations for the offices of President, Executive Vice President, Vice President North, Vice President South, Treasurer, and Secretary of Local 2366 will be accepted beginning July 13, 2017 (July meeting being held at 801 Kings Way, Del Rio, Texas) until the close of the meeting on August 10 (check for the exact location). The term of office will run for two years.

Nominations should be made in person at the meeting on July 13, 2017, or submitted to the Nomination Committee via email at You may also provide your nomination in writing to any member of the committee which consists of Daniel Heriford (COM), Margie Moran (EGS), Rick Hernandez (COM), and Enrique Ramirez (UVA). All nominations must be received prior to the close of meeting on August 10, 2017.

As provided in the Local 2366 Bylaws, any current dues-paying member, in good standing is eligible to nominate candidates and run for office.

Once a candidate has been nominated, they must accept the nomination in person at the meeting on July 13, 2017, or via email at, candidates must state they accept the nomination. Anyone who is nominated and does not confirm their nomination will not be included on the ballot.

The election will be conducted in between the August and September meetings (with results being announced on September 14, 2017), please look for your ballot in your work mail drawers, at your physical mailing address which you provided to AFGE, or in your personal email address which you have provided to Local 2366 or AFGE (please only submit one ballot). All ballots will be mailed/emailed shortly after nominations have closed. Additional information regarding the election will be provided in a separate notice which will be provided to all Local 2366 members at a later date (via mail).