Notice of membership meeting – February 2023

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
7:00 pm

City of Eagle Pass International Center for Trade
West Room
3295 Bob Rogers Dr.
Eagle Pass, Texas 78852

(across the street from Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center)

Topics will include:

New pursuit policy
Additions to grooming/uniform standards
Future changes to compassionate/spousal transfer policies
NBPC Convention/AFGE caucus delegates
COVID-related OWCP changes
New mental health guidance and efforts
Grievance/arbitration updates

Notice of NBPC National Convention and AFGE District 10 Caucus

During this regularly scheduled meeting on the date/time and at the address above, members will be asked to determine if Local 2366 will participate in the NBPC National Convention and AFGE District 10 Caucus scheduled this year and, if so, the number of additional delegates, if any, they want to represent Local 2366, if the delegates will carry all votes, and if travel expenses will be authorized.

Local 2366’s six elected Executive Board Officers have already been designated as delegates by virtue of office. Members will be asked to determine if the selected delegates will carry all of Local 2366’s votes, which, if approved, would preclude the need for alternate delegates. However, if members do not approve this proposal and instead authorize additional delegate(s), then nominations for additional and alternate delegates will be accepted, and a mail ballot election will be held to elect additional and alternate delegates as governed by the AFGE Rules of Conduct for an Election, Appendix A, of the AFGE National Constitution. For those who cannot attend the meeting, nominations can be submitted via

The designated delegates will represent Local 2366 at the NBPC National Convention set to take place in March 2023, and the AFGE District 10 Caucus set to take place on or about May 2023.

NOTE: The NBPC National Convention and AFGE District 10 Caucus are considered internal union business, and official time to travel to and from these events, or to attend these events, is not authorized. As a result, delegates attend and travel to/from these events on days off or annual leave.