Operational Mobility MOU has been signed

The Union and the Agency have entered into a MOU regarding Operational Mobility. This new MOU supersedes the Voluntary Relocation Program (VRP). This new agreement will meet the needs of the members better than any previous mobility agreement as it protects seniority, while also allowing junior employees to be considered for positions that they would have otherwise been ineligible for.

Some of the points include:

  • Employees must have a minimum of 3-years in service
  • Employees cannot have received a funded relocation within the past four (4) years.
  • Employees who are approved a reassignment under this MOU will be ineligible for reassignment to a new duty location under this or any other relocation program for a period of four (4) years, unless the relocation is for a promotion to a higher grade or positions outside of the bargaining unit.
  • Relocations will be announced at a minimum of twice annually contingent on funding; however the Agency may offer additional relocations.
  • The Agency will attempt to first fill vacancies under this MOU prior to filling vacancies under a re-hire program.
  • Announcements will be open for a period of at least ten (10) business days.
  • Employees will be required to submit a resume.
  • Employees may select up to two (2) locations per announcement.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of vacancies at each location will be selected based solely on seniority.
  • The remaining selections will be made from the list of the remaining applicants to the position.
  • Travel to the new duty station will be done in an “on duty” status and will be based on the current Federal Travel Regulations (FTRs).
  • A total of 40-hours of Administrative Leave will be authorized for the purpose of pre and post-moving requirements.
  • Funding will remain at the same amount as the VRP levels; however the funding may change based on GSA approval of requested increases.
  • Non-Funded Within Sector Permanent Change of Station vacancies will be announced to all sector personnel.
    • Employees seeking a non-funded move under this program will submit a memorandum for a move.
    • Approvals for such moves will be for available vacancies only.
    • WS-PCS relocations are voluntary and all relocation costs are the responsibility of the employee.
    • If a sector receives multiple requests for the same positions, selections will be based on the procedures outlined in Section H(6) of the MOU.