On-duty Injuries

On-duty injuries frequently turn into extremely complicated cases, so Local 2366 has several union reps trained in dealing with OWCP matters. We have created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we see regarding workers’ compensation claims:

OWCP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most supervisors do not have much experience with OWCP claims, outside of handling CA-1s, CA-16s, and CA-17s. Beyond that, they typically have to rely entirely on subject matter experts in the stations and sectors, and things can quickly get confusing. Since many supervisors and managers are essentially playing “telephone,” just passing down instructions from others who hopefully have more experience with OWCP, they rarely learn more than the basics.

If you do not understand any aspect of the process, ask your supervisor for an explanation, even if they have to go to someone else for help. Article 18 of the CBA states, “[t]he Agency will give appropriate assistance to the employee in filing a compensation claim,” so your supervisor is obligated to get you the help you need. However, union members are encouraged to contact a union rep as early as possible in the process, before things get out of control. We will refer you to a union rep in Local 2366 who can assist with your claim.

The NBPC created a table with information about the various forms used in the OWCP process. Many forms are processed on the DOL ECOMP website, including CA-1s and CA-7s, but there are still some that get processed on paper. You can find a complete list of forms on OWCP’s website, here.

We have also created a series of flowcharts to help you navigate some of the OWCP processes.


NBPC’s Table of OWCP Forms (PDF)
NBPC’s OWCP Flowcharts (PDF)
OWCP Forms
Publication CA-810, a handbook for federal employees about OWCP