PFP grievance resolved in EGS

Earlier this month, Local 2366 filed a grievance against a watch commander in Eagle Pass South Station (EGS) regarding improper blanket denials of participation in the physical fitness program (PFP).

The agency has responded, and although this is indeed what agents were told, the station confirmed that they misspoke and there was never supposed to be a blanket denial. In its response, the agency “agree[d] that supervisory staff will not go out of their way to assign or create work in order to justify a denial for participation in PFP.”

They also agreed to follow the PFP IOP and will “make determinations based on operational needs.” This is exactly what the policy requires, as we all understand there will be days when things are just too hectic to allow participation in the PFP. However, not participating in the program should be the exception, rather than the rule, as supervisors are supposed to maximize participation.

In the future, if there are problems getting permission to work out (including if you are from a different station but sent to EGS to process), contact a union rep and provide as many details as possible — time, date, names, and the circumstances — so we can address it with management or file a grievance.