Relocation Programs Will Open to All Border Patrol Agents Resulting in Increased Mobility and Better Morale

We are pleased to inform you that the Union and Management have agreed to open up two relocation programs. These two programs could start as early as next month. They are the Voluntary Relocation Program (which originally expired on April 29, 2014) and a new program that will be called the Relocation Opportunity Bulletin (ROB).

The main difference is that the VRP is a funded program that pays agents to move, whereas the ROB is non-funded and agents will be required to fund their own moves. The ROB will be in place for two years, after which, the NBPC will be able to evaluate and renegotiate if necessary. The ROB will expire on September 30, 2016. The VRP requires Congressional approval, which the Union and the Agency are currently seeking. We hope to have a quick resolution to the approval issue so that both programs will move forward expeditiously.

Under these two programs move opportunities will be announced every quarter, which will greatly enhance the chances for mobility to a far greater number of agents. The VRP and ROB will alternate quarter to quarter and we anticipate that moves under the ROB will be announced in a few weeks while we await Congressional approval for VRPs. Because moves under the ROB are non-funded, agents may exclusively apply for relocations under the VRP. Agents selected under the VRP will receive lump sum payments to help with move expenses.

The VRP Lump Sums pre-tax are:

–Multiple person household who own a home – $35,275
–One person household and own a home – $27,375
–Multiple person household who do not own a home – $16,850
–One person household and does not own a home – $8,950

We will update the moment VRP approval is given by Congress.