Round two of Del Rio Sector’s Voluntary Swap Program pilot

Earlier this month, Chief Karisch sent out two emails announcing the second round of Del Rio Sector’s Voluntary Swap Program pilot, set to open up Sunday, May 31, 2015, at midnight, and run through June 27, 2015, at 11:59 pm. To be clear, the webpage will open up overnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

To find the VSP website, connect to CBPnet Secure while on an agency computer. Click “USBP” in the menu at the top, go over to the “Sectors” option in the menu on the left, and then choose “Del Rio.” You will find a button that says “VSP (Voluntary Swap Program)” on the left.

Note: there are still older pages from the DRT VSP’s last round (Fall 2014) still on CBPnet Secure, so make sure the page you register on has information for the Spring 2015 VSP.

After the first round of DRT’s VSP, 64 Border Patrol agents were able to move to new stations within Del Rio Sector. We hope to see a similar number this round, so be sure to register.

This is not the national swap program, which is currently being developed by NBPC. Updates on that will be posted when available.

Questions about the program should be referred to the DRTVSP email account on Outlook.