I don’t like doing business by email, but for sake of everyone’s visibility, I will here.

For the record, what these agents/employees are experiencing are the results of the decisions they made on where to reside. The Service can no longer mandate employees must reside within commuting distance and nowadays we have the issues arise such as today. The official Sector stance on this is that employees are required to report for work as scheduled regardless of where they reside and regardless of changes they must make in their routes because of road closures.

That said; I am willing to entertain temporary arrangements coordinated through their respective PAICs. The Union needs to identify those employees requesting special accommodations, letting the PAICs and ACPA Spielman know who the losing station would be and who the gaining station would be if so approved. If at the end of the day, the numbers equal out (fairly closely anyhow) between those stations, the PAICs will be authorized to proceed. What we cannot have is an operational degradation at any single station. If the PAICs say they can make the accommodations happen while ensuring complete coverage, I am good with it. If PAICs cannot ensure that coverage, then employees are required to report to work at their duty station as scheduled. PAICs are our Field Commanders and are entrusted with all aspects of that command, including this situation.

If approved, these arrangements will only be for the duration of the flooding event and employees will have to return to their duty stations/shifts as previously scheduled. Suggest the Union name a single POC to discuss the arrangements with the respective PAICs to avoid conflict and confusion.

Dean Sinclair
Deputy Chief Patrol Agent
Del Rio Sector