Upcoming special election to establish collective bargaining rights in Eagle Pass for police and firefighters

The Eagle Pass Police Association and Eagle Pass Fire Fighters Association are again asking for our support to help them get collective bargaining rights in an upcoming special election.

Last year, officers and firefighters received civil service status, granting them rights against being unjustly terminated, among other protections. Next month, there will be a special election to determine if collective bargaining will be established.

According to media reports and the police office and firefighter associations, the city manager and others have been telling citizens of Eagle Pass that simply having collective bargaining status will raise taxes – something that just is not true.

As Border Patrol agents, we are able to file grievances to address problems at work. Officers and firefighters with civil service status, but without collective bargaining, must settle their disputes via lawsuits in district court. If collective bargaining is established, the two parties would be able to meet to put together an agreement that would create processes to handle grievances and other disagreements.

The Eagle Pass Business Journal published an interview with members of the Eagle Pass Police Association and an interview with Eagle Pass City Manager Hector Chavez.

Early voting takes place from April 25, 2016, through May 3, 2016; Election Day is May 7, 2016. Voting information can be found on the City of Eagle Pass website.

Local 2366 of the National Border Patrol Council is asking any Border Patrol employees who live in Eagle Pass to support police officers and firefighters in Eagle Pass and vote FOR collective bargaining rights!