Update on FLSA lawsuits, first case settled

Update 9/23/2016
As you may be aware, the processing and payment to the law firm of the damages in this case is taking longer than expected. The Government now says that the damages will be paid “within thirty days” of September 13, 2016. Payments will likely be made by the government in weekly increments, so the law firm will send checks as they receive the money. It will be sent to the law firm grouped by social security number, so be patient if you see other employees receive checks before you do.

Original article 8/23/2016
Last week, Union members received a letter from the law offices of Woodley & McGillivary providing an update about the pending FLSA overtime pay lawsuits originally filed in 2014 and 2016. This letter was sent to all Union members for whom the Union has a mailing address on file.

The first of four cases has been settled and the law firm has now turned its attention to the second case involving canine handlers; the other two cases for non-handlers are on hold until the second handler case is resolved.

Only plaintiffs will be paid any monies resulting from settlements or wins in these cases. If you are a plaintiff in one or more of these cases, you already received a letter from us informing you that your claim has been filed in Court.

While it is too late to join the first three cases, you can still join the last case if you are a Union member and you can still be part of a new case that the law firm will file for any canine handlers who did not previously join. To become a plaintiff in the current case or a plaintiff in the new canine handler case, you must complete and return the consent retainer form located here.

Every day that you wait, the statute of limitations is running on your claims. This is because under the FLSA you can recover, at most, three years of relief going back three years from the date that your claim is filed in court. Damages in all four cases and any new canine handler case that we file cease on January 10, 2016, when you became FLSA exempt.

If you are not yet a plaintiff, and you wish to participate, please sign and return the consent retainer form located here. Only dues paying Union members can be plaintiffs. Those who received a letter last week did so because their names appear on the Union’s membership listing. As the plaintiffs in the filed cases know, once the law firm agrees to represent you, you will receive a letter from them along with a copy of the counter-signed consent retainer form.

If you wish to confirm if you have already signed up for a case, contact your local union steward.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the law firm at 202-833-8855 or info@wmlaborlaw.com.

You can mail the consent retainer form to the mailing address below or scan and email it to info@wmlaborlaw.com.

Download the consent retainer form here.

1101 Vermont Ave., N.W.
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20005

Further updates will be posted at nbpc2366.org and bpunion.org.