Update on screening testing for non-vaccinated employees

Early this year, the White House announced that federal employees who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine would have to undergo screening testing once per week if their duty station is in a county with a medium or high community level.

The CDC tracks community levels and determines if counties are at a low, medium, or high level, and they update their website every Thursday. The new data uploaded on Thursday determine if employees will need to be tested during the following week, Sunday through Saturday.

On the map on the CDC’s website, if your duty station’s county is yellow or orange (i.e., medium or high), then testing is required. If by the following Thursday the spread has dropped back to green (i.e., low), then there will be no testing during the week after that Thursday.

Bargaining is ongoing, and although some employees are annoyed having to test each week, it shows that the agency can successfully continue its operations without requiring every single employee to be vaccinated.

We will keep this website updated with the current status of each DRT station in the column to the right (if you are on a PC) or in the box at the bottom (for mobile users).

The Safer Federal Work Force Task Force has published a list of frequently asked questions, available here.