Update on the pending lawsuit

Updated information on the suit available here.

If you did not previously sign up for the lawsuit that was filed in 2014, you can still sign up for a new lawsuit that was recently filed to allow you to participate.

NBPC members must complete, sign, and mail the below consent-retainer form to Woodley & McGillivary at the address below in order to participate with the lawsuit to recover pay for uncompensated work.

If you are a BORTAC, BORSTAR, or Intel agent who was moved out of the bargaining unit when you started in your new position, you may still participate in the lawsuit if you previously paid union dues, however the lawsuit is only able to go back three years.

Download the form here
Download the updated form here

1101 Vermont Ave., N.W.
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20005

If you have been a canine handler throughout the period for which we are claiming damages, you do not have to join Abad as this case will cover all of your claims.