Update on the shift bid program in DRT

Today we received word that Del Rio Sector management is ready to implement the shift bid program for stations in Del Rio Sector. All stations voted to opt in to the program, as listed below:

      • BRA: 84% in favor
      • CAR: 92% in favor
      • COM: 60% in favor
      • DRS: 84% in favor
      • EGS: 77% in favor
      • EGT: 85% in favor
      • RKS: 80% in favor
      • UVA: 75% in favor

The total votes for preferred shift length are:

      • 3 months: 299
      • 4 months: 315
      • 6 months: 231
      • 12 months: 82

The numbers for 3, 4, and 6 months were fairly close, but Chief Karisch has decided to implement 6-month rotations. If you wish to swap with an employee from a different shift you will still be able to do that pursuant to Article 28 (I) of the CBA, just like we’ve always been able to do.

Everyone will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your preferred shifts, likely as soon as next pay period. Pursuant to the MOU, the rough timeline for implementation is as follows:

      • One pay period during which to submit your preferences (if you are on AL, a supervisor can submit your selection for you)
      • One pay period or so for the stations to put together the units
      • Two pay periods to notify employees of their shifts, and then it will begin

We’re expecting to implement around the middle of August. The first rotation won’t be starting in the middle of the year, so this first rotation will be approximately 4 ½ months long. The first regular 6-month rotation will begin next year during Pay Period 1.

After a few rotations the Agency and Union will reassess the program to see how the stations feel about it after having used it for a while.

We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.