About Local 2366

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The basics

So what is “the union?” We are the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), one of the most vocal and powerful unions in the federal government, representing Border Patrol agents and support staff across the United States. Here in Del Rio Sector, employees are represented by Local 2366, which is run by an executive board of elected officers, with a group of experienced lead union reps in charge of their respective stations.

Local President: Jon Anfinsen
Executive Vice President: Bobby Duran
Vice President, North: Neil Bonner
Vice President, South: Rolando Canales
Local Treasurer: Sharon Zeledon
Local Secretary: Sam Arredondo

The NBPC has historically had a high level of membership, which is directly tied to the level of representation provided. Union representatives assist members with issues such as grievances, memos, disciplinary actions, interviews, leave and pay issues, on-duty injuries, background investigations, critical incidents, and many other matters.

The NBPC has staff attorneys throughout the country with decades of experience representing Border Patrol employees, so they have the knowledge and in-depth experience necessary to address the conditions of employment of our members.

Our union representatives undergo continuing education training to help identify and remedy violations of our collective bargaining agreement, policy, regulation, and law. We have lobbyists in Washington, D.C., who voice our concerns to members of Congress. We have successfully recouped millions of dollars in lost wages through litigation while retaining one of the best law firms in the country specializing in federal employee pay issues. Our aggressive media campaign at the local and national level helps provide a boots-on-the-ground view for the general public in a world filled with negative stories about law enforcement.

Membership Benefits

Critical incident response
Representation during administrative interviews (OIG, OPR, management inquiry)
Assistance with memorandum review
Disciplinary action coverage (up to and including 14-day suspensions)
Adverse action coverage (15-days suspensions and more, up to removal)
Criminal defense representation via PORAC
EEO case representation and guidance
OWCP case representation and guidance
USERRA violation assistance
$5,000 death benefit payable to your family
…among many others.

Administrative Representation

Local 2366 provides representation during interviews conducted as part of an agency investigation into alleged misconduct or other matters. Due to the sometimes controversial nature of our work, allegations are frequently made, and the agency must investigate them.

As a member of the NBPC, you join an organization which solely exists for the protection of its members. The NBPC ensures that you are not subjected to unfair or unjust investigations and discipline — we protect our members from harassment and unwarranted investigations. If your workplace rights are violated, we will vigorously pursue those in the agency who choose to violate them.

But what if you don’t think you need help with any of this stuff? Well, that’s where PORAC comes into the equation.

Peace Officer’s Research Association (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund (LDF)

No Border Patrol agent who has used PORAC ever expected to need an attorney.

When agents find themselves involved in a critical incident, the FBI, OIG, OPR, Texas Rangers, local and county investigators, and sector and station management descend on the scene to try to sort out what happened, and that’s where the whirlwind begins. Union members who have access to PORAC are represented by an attorney and local union reps to ensure that the member’s rights are upheld.

PORAC’s LDF is an integral part of your membership with the NBPC. As part of your membership, you are protected in criminal and civil matters for actions or omissions within the course and scope of your employment. On-scene and in-person representation by an experienced criminal or civil defense attorney is crucial to ensuring that your rights are respected and protected.

Aside from some of the criminals we deal with daily, working in law enforcement creates additional risks due to the very nature of what we do. With increasing outside pressure from special interest groups and individuals, many politicians and prosecutors have a skewed view of law enforcement, so protecting yourself is of the utmost importance. The NBPC provides LDF coverage because it is a necessity in today’s ever-changing environment.

LDF attorneys are screened to ensure that our members receive representation from top-level professionals who know what it takes to protect the rights of our members. You can rest assured that night or day, weekends or holidays, our LDF attorneys are ready to respond and provide representation at any location. There is no cap on the amount of money that the LDF will pay to provide representation and for the best possible defense if you are subjected to a criminal trial, including paying for expert witnesses, investigators, polygraph examiners, court reporters, etc.